HBO Connect is a Human Capacity Development Initiative (HCDI) sponsored by Hareter Babatunde Oralusi to support youth generation and young leaders in Osun State, Nigeria.

HBO Connect is a Human Capacity Development Initiative (HCDI) designed by Hareter Babatunde Oralusi to support youth generation and young leaders in Osun State, Nigeria. It is a Post secondary programme to engage interested and motivated youth and young leaders with a simulated entrepreneurship skills set for self-employment, employ-ability and real-world understanding.

Human Capacity Development is a process, whereby individual development becomes embedded in a sustainable shift in performance and collective behaviour. This process includes identifying needs, building knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes that can be implemented through practice and experience of individuals that lead to sustainable changes in the collective performance of society and create economic, social and the enabling environment.

In the context of Osun State, Nigeria, human capacity development is fundamentally important given the poor social, political and economic situation that systematically exclude vast majority of the population from engaging in and contributing to society.

This meant that millions of individuals were deprived of essential skills leading to the severe underdevelopment and high rate of unemployment in state today.

The process of empowering individuals, particularly the youth, with skills will serve to instigate a mass shift towards a state where all people have the capacity to make a positive difference within their respective societies, as opposed to only a privileged few having the opportunity to do so. Ultimately, if the cycle instigated by human capacity development is repeated enough times through enough individuals, it will inevitably lead to Osun State becoming a vastly better place.

It is a five years programme starting from June 2018 - 2023, while the participants will be recruited each year.

2018/2019 Edition commences application from 1st June - 6th July, 2018 and applications are done online only.



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