During his 2014 campaign for governor in Osun State, Babatunde and his team laid out a comprehensive progressive vision for future.

Babatunde's Vision

Employment and Wealth Creation

We will address the high rate of unemployment and facilitates economic activities that will build wealth for every working family and individual.

Agriculture and Industry

We will provide adequate and well needed support for agricultural development through different sustainable financial and non – financial programmes. On the other hand, promote industrialisation through public private partnerships (PPP) for local and EXPORTABLE productions.


We believe that education is a means to empower children and adults alike to become active participants in the transformation of a given society. One of our main focus is good and affordable education for all.

Health care

“Health is Wealth” We will create universal, quality and affordable health care system that takes care of everyone.


To strengthen the economy, we need functioning infrastructure such as roads, railways, public facilities and so forth. Through partnership with private sector and development agencies, we will create priority infrastructure plans and strategic implementation strategies such that ensure timely and quality deliveries.

A Fair Tax System

We will develop a tax plan that will benefit individual, small, medium and Corporate Businesses.

Technology and innovation

We will harness the power of technology and innovation facilitate youth employment and economy growth through entrepreneurship


We will develop affordable and sustainable housing scheme that works for working families.

Social Welfare and Pensions

WE will provide adequate support for children, disable, old people and good welfare package for retirees under Social Welfare Services.

Judiciary and Prison Reform

Babatunde and his Team will support the Federal Government to improve conditions inside the prisons and establish a more effective judiciary system that guarantees justices for all.

Public Servant and Organised Labour Union

We will provide good welfare packages for public servants and support labour union activities.